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Mark S. Lewis

Author, Writer, Entrepreneur, Inventor
Former Technology Executive



Christian Garrett has it all…until he doesn’t.

A successful, billionaire CEO, Chris lives a storied life in Silicon Valley. When his company fails, he loses both the job he loves and his vast wealth. Consumed by failure, he returns to his childhood home of Vail, Colorado to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, he is accused of the heinous murder of another famous tech billionaire, the CEO of a popular social media platform.

Chris enlists the help of his long-time friend and retired CIA operative, Jack Wood, to find the real killer. Faced with threats at every turn, and deadly reminders about the danger of their mission, they ultimately uncover the bizarre motive behind the murder, but the mastermind remains hidden. Chris and Jack must use their wits, their relationships, and their technological acumen to catch the elusive killer, clear Chris's name, and maybe, just maybe, restore a little of everything he lost.

A face-paced techno thriller, SnowCapped will put you on a rollercoaster ride from Silicon Valley to the peaks of Colorado. As Chris Garrett chases down a killer, he learns the value of family and friends over money and power.



SnowCapped is a rapid-fire new thriller set in Vail, CO. Filled with insider details of both the tech-business world and privileged life in Vail, the book is a fast track down a double black diamond run! NANCY, TASHMAN, AVON CO

Mark Lewis’s finely crafted debut novel takes you on a tale that traverses the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the board rooms of Silicon Valley.  Follow Chris Garrett, one-time billionaire, now murder suspect, in his quest to clear his name and identify the real killers before they kill again… and again.  This suspense filled page-turner will have you on the edge of your chairlift! MARK SORENSON, AUTHOR, A RESTAURANT IN JAFFA

Snowcapped is a fast, exciting and suspenseful thriller starting on page 1. The descriptions of life in Vail Valley and business dealing in Silicon Valley add to the intriguing stories of murders. It’s a ‘can’t put it down’ attention grabber. MARTIN WEISBERG, SARATOGA, CA

Snowcapped is my kind of mystery thriller - full of high-tech intrigue, fast-paced action and compelling characters. I couldn’t put it down. Mark Lewis delivers a home run and didn't disappoint in his first novel - I can't wait for his next one. MIKE BELL, AVON, CO

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Mark Lewis, a Colorado native, had a 30-year highly successful career in technology. Mark graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Colorado University, Boulder, went directly into technology, and worked his way up to Chief Technology Officer for one of the world’s largest technology companies. He founded two technology startups and was the CEO of several technology companies.

Mark left technology in 2021 and is now writing thriller novels, leveraging many of his own personal experiences from his time in Silicon Valley. Like Snowcapped’s protagonist Christian Garrett, Lewis is a computer nerd, not a cop, who must use his wits, his relationships, and his technological acumen to stay alive. Mark and his wife, Lisa, and their two Australian Shepherds, Kismet and Cowboy, reside in Edwards, Colorado.



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